Arc Bio working with Astrea Forensics and forensic nonprofits to evaluate novel method for extracting genomic information from degraded samples

Arc Bio, a genomic tools and solutions provider, announced that it is working with Astrea Forensics and several forensic nonprofit agencies, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the DNA Doe Project, to evaluate a novel sample preparation approach as part of a grant funded by the National Institute of Justice. This method could help reduce the amount of sequencing required to recover phenotype- and ancestry-informative markers in degraded forensic samples such as hair and bone.

Arc Bio specializes in the development of genomic tools and software for the sensitive, accurate analysis of a variety of samples, including degraded and low-input samples such as plasma. While its focus is on deploying these tools for infectious disease research applications, it continues to develop and test novel methods with a variety of applications. Arc Bio also offers custom services for partners who would like to take advantage of its unique capabilities. For more information, visit