About Arc Bio

Arc Bio is revolutionizing microbial detection by developing novel metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing (mNGS) solutions that allow for fast, accurate and cost-effective analyses. The Arc Bio Galileo™ platform enables a sample-to-result integrated workflow that takes the user from a primary sample to quantitative results for over 1300 microbes.

Arc Bio is an EdenRoc Sciences Company, with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and R&D labs in the Bay Area.

“At Arc Bio, we are on a mission to change forever how infectious disease is diagnosed and managed. With our Galileo™ platform, we equip laboratorians with an entirely new standard of microbial detection through an integrated set of easy-to-use, cutting edge genomics tools. The future of infectious disease testing is accurate, comprehensive, unbiased sequencing. Galileo makes this a reality today.

Dr. Todd Dickinson, CEO, Arc Bio, LLC