Metagenomics Services for Custom Applications

At Arc Bio, we believe that metagenomics has exciting applications in both established (e.g., infectious disease) and emerging (e.g., onco-microbiome)  research areas. That is why we offer a full suite of bespoke wet lab and dry lab services that enables our partners to augment their existing capabilities and/or deploy their own metagenomics workflows in-house. Our platform generates quantitative microbial signatures of bacteria, fungi, DNA/RNA viruses, and protozoa from a range of clinical samples.

If you are interested in unlocking the power of metagenomics for your work, partner with us and choose from a full suite of services including:

  • Custom metagenomics solutions for research, healthcare, diagnostics, and biopharma
  • Services to Product – the Arc Bio Apps Lab can help create, validate, and ship bespoke metagenomics workflows and tools for use in your lab
  • Discovery of biomarkers that could aid in patient selection, early detection, disease monitoring, and prediction of treatment efficacy

Advantages of Working with Arc Bio

Core Strengths

DNA & RNA workflows optimized for clinical metagenomics applications

Extensive expertise in metagenomics and informatics analysis

Custom internal and external controls
Quantitative reporting of microbial signals
RUO Applications Lab for testing and development
Bespoke workflows developed and biomarkers identified

Interested in Metagenomics Services?

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