Galileo ONE

The power of NGS. Without the learning curve.

Galileo ONE is a fully integrated metagenomic NGS (mNGS) workflow that takes you from plasma sample to result in under 30 hours. It combines our easy to follow Galileo library preparation workflow with Galileo Analytics automated reporting to identify and quantify bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites present in your plasma samples. It reduces the need for mNGS and bioinformatics expertise and provides you with one solution containing all reagents, controls and software to prepare libraries for your Illumina sequencer.

Galileo ONE advantages over other NGS-based assays:

  • Enables truly unbiased microbial detection combined with analytical insight, removing limitations of targeted/semi-targeted approaches. Galileo ONE allows simultaneous preparation of DNA and RNA libraries, capturing the full range of microbial content.
  • Test directly from samples with no enrichment or culturing, in a 30 TAT window
  • No need to labor over the cost and complications associated with developing your own mNGS test. Galileo ONE enables you to detect and quantify all microbes present in your sample, including those that can’t be cultured or require lengthy culture periods.

Perform sophisticated microbial detection and quantification in your own lab, without the need for in-house bioinformatics expertise.

Early Access Program

Galileo ONE is a research use only, next-generation, sequencing-based workflow. Arc Bio is partnering with leading institutions that are looking to bring first-rate metagenomics sequencing capabilities in-house. As part of the Early Access Program, participating members will be the first to receive access to Galileo ONE, including advanced product support and training along with the option to customize certain product features for their facility. To learn more please fill out the form below.

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