Introducing Galileo ONE

The power of metagenomics. In your lab.

A Sample-to-Result Integrated Workflow

Galileo ONE is a metagenomic NGS (mNGS) platform that takes the user from a primary sample to quantitative results for over 1300 microbes. This turnkey workflow combines the Galileo ONE Sample Preparation Kit with automated analysis and reporting using our cloud-based Galileo Analytics and assumes the user has access to an Illumina sequencer.

ArcBio Galileo ONE workflow
ArcBio Galileo ONE workflow

Cutting-edge technology in your own lab

Galileo ONE empowers users to easily bring mNGS technology in-house, providing greater flexibility and control over assay parameters as well as shorter turnaround time. No more black box pipelines or waiting for samples to ship. And because Galileo ONE is a fully integrated workflow with full process controls included, it eliminates the need for bioinformatics expertise to get started.


Get the most insight out of every sample

Unlike a targeted approach which provides limited insight, Galileo ONE is a truly unbiased approach to microbial detection. The platform can detect organisms that cannot be cultured, as well as those that require special conditions to grow. And with parallel DNA and RNA workflows, Galileo ONE enables detection and quantification of greater than 99% of known human pathogens* from a single sample using one test.

*Foresight. Infectious Diseases: Preparing for the Future. Office of Science and Innovation; London, UK : 2006.

Detect all in one sample

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Parasites

All nucleic acid types

  • Double-stranded DNA
  • Single-stranded DNA
  • RNA

Integrated controls

  • Background control
  • Internal control
  • External positive control

Get started today

Access to a sequencer is all that is required to begin using the Galileo ONE workflow for mNGS analysis.

Parameter Galileo ONE Features Galileo ONE Benefits
Sample Type Plasma, CSF, other liquid sample types Minimal optimization to analyze multiple liquid sample types.
Nucleic Acid Type DNA (double- and single-stranded) and RNA Detects all microbial types, including RNA viruses.
Minimum Input Volumes 1.2 mL (0.8 mL for DNA, 0.4 mL for RNA) Maximizes sensitivity while minimizing use of precious samples.
Sequencing Compatible with all Illumina platforms Utilizes sequencers found in most sequencing cores and labs.
Analytics Cloud-based automated informatics pipeline User-friendly rapid analysis with no bioinformatics experience required.
Database Proprietary and manually curated set of reference genomes. Focus on human pathogens limits potential false positives.
Control Scheme Full-process internal and external run controls, plus quantification controls. Integrated control scheme enables real-time quality control monitoring of sequencing runs and libraries.
Reporting Microbial identification and quality control reports generated for each library. Comprehensive reporting using proprietary metrics simplifies interpretation of results for the user.


The Galileo ONE Sample Preparation Kits are available in three configurations: DNA-only, RNA-only, or Combo DNA+RNA. Each kit includes reagents and consumables needed to generate sample libraries, plus external, internal, and background controls. The Training Kit supports live and web-based training by our in-house experts on the Galileo ONE workflow and enables seamless implementation and routine use in your facility. Access to Galileo ONE Analytics is included for each kit through our user-friendly web app and customizable APIs.


Product Description Part Number
Galileo ONE Sample Prep Kit – DNA Reagents for generating 20 DNA libraries. 1 DNA External Positive Control and 3 DNA Background Controls. G1-101AA
Galileo ONE Sample Prep Kit – RNA Reagents for generating 20 RNA libraries. 1 RNA External Positive Control and 3 RNA Background Controls. G1-102AA
Galileo ONE Sample Prep Kit – Combo Reagents for generating 8 DNA libraries and 8 RNA libraries. 1 DNA and 1 RNA External Positive Control. 3 DNA and 3 RNA Background Controls. G1-100AA
Galileo ONE Training Kit Reagents for generating 11 DNA libraries and 11 RNA libraries. 1 DNA and 1 RNA External Positive Control. “Sample” libraries generated using Background Control material provided for 22 libraries. GT-100-AA
Galileo ONE Analytics Access to analysis software GA-100AA

The Galileo platform and Galileo ONE workflow are research use only and not intended for use in clinical diagnostics and patient management.

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